why you think piano improv is hard and why it doesn't have to be.

You can be improvising easily in all 12 keys within the week.

  • Learn why your "misguided" perception about your musicality actually means you're a GOOD LEARNER!
  • You'll learn how a fresh approach to the piano can ignite your musicality.
  • You'll see why the learning curve could be much easier that you ever thought.
  • You'll learn how to monitor your musical connection with the 5 points of alignment

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This is really about much more than piano improvisation, it's actually life-changing stuff.  And as transformative experiences go, making music is a pretty fun path!  This is the smoothest on-ramp to piano and your innate creativity you're likely to find.

Daniel Barber   
Creator of Playing the Fields, a unique method for improvising on the piano
in a ridiculously short period of time...